I Was Tired Of Dieting, But I Never Imagined That I Would Lose 14 kg In 21 Days With This Drink!

And is that our diet directly influences the body weight we have. That is why many people today are obese, because they do not care what they eat

Since the society determines as attractive a thin and delineated body, many put this goal. However, more than an aesthetic problem, this constitutes a health problem.

That is why we should pay close attention to our body weight. If lately we see that we have gained weight, we must look for ways to reduce.

To lose weight, there are countless procedures, both medical and physical. However, these are not always as effective as we would like. In addition, generally these methods to lose weight consume a lot of time and energy. Therefore, if you want to lose weight in a short time and practically no effort, this remedy is for you.

INGREDIENTS: Grated ginger (1 tablespoon) .Pepino (1 unit) .Limón (1 unit). Fresh mint (15 leaves). Mineral water (1 liter).

To begin, we should boil the water in a pot. When it reaches the boiling point, add the mint leaves and put out the fire.

Now, we will proceed to cover the pot and let it rest for about 5 minutes. Exhausted this time, we will strain the substance and keep it in a clean container. Next, we must peel the lemon, extract all the juice and preserve the peel.
Then, we will wash the cucumber, chop it into slices and put it next to the lemon juice.

Now, add 3 pieces of lemon peel in the same container and store the mixture. Finally, we will join both substances and mix them well, reserving it in a glass container in the fridge. Since this substance can be very strong for some people, we will start by drinking 1 glass per day.

This can be divided into several portions during the day.

Then, we will gradually increase the dose until we reach 3 glasses per day.




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