Avocado Peel Is a Gold Mine, A Cure For Cold Sores

Several studies have shown the benefits of avocado peel for health and recently new medicinal compounds were found in this fruit.

The shell of avocado seeds has properties that help treat cancer, heart disease, and other ills, according to research presented at the 254th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

This study is the first to highlight the value of avocado seed husks, which have been referred to as a gold mine because of their abundance of beneficial chemical compounds.

Properties of avocado peel

The scientists ground around 300 dried avocado seed shells and obtained nearly 600 grams of powder that they processed to get about three teaspoons of oil and about 30 grams of wax.

They found 116 compounds in the oil and 16 in the avocado seed shell wax.

Among the components of the oil, they found behenyl alcohol, a fatty alcohol known as docosanol.

This oil is used to prepare antiviral drugs, especially for the treatment of cold sores produced by the herpes simplex virus.

They also found heptacosane, a substance that can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

It is estimated that around 5 million tons of avocados are produced every year in the world and only some manufacturers extract oils for human consumption from the seeds.

In all cases, they eliminate the shell that surrounds them before processing them.

Scientists say that from this discovery, they will seek to modify several of these natural compounds found in the avocado peel so that they can be used as medicines with fewer side effects.

You know, avocado is not only delicious, it can also do a lot for your health.




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