talian food is very known and consumed in the world. The delicious dishes make this cuisine to be very famous and respected. The simplicity of the dishes makes the cuisine very popular.

Besides other dishes pasta is one of the most traditional meals. Among them spaghetti are the most used in preparing meals.

Now we have spaghetti in very kitchen around the world.  Everyone has tried to cook spaghetti and you probably think that you know how to cook them.

We take a pot and fil with cold water, we add salt just a little in order to boil the water faster, wait until boils and then add the spaghetti to cook. We mix them well to prevent sticking. This is the method that is used all over the world. But believe it or not this is not the right way how to prepare spaghetti.

The Proper Way to Cook Spaghetti

  • The right way how to cook spaghetti is very different from the method we use. Therefore, instead of cooking them in a pot, you should use a frying pan. This is the process:
  • Take a frying pan and add the spaghetti first.
  • Then, add cold water over the spaghetti. The cold water will prevent the spaghetti from sticking.
  • Cook the pasta without mixing them often.

Do not throw away the little water that has left but use it for sauce preparation. This process is faster and easier than the conventional method. Moreover, it saves energy and time. Also, it will provide a good liquid for a sauce. Try this method and see for yourself that you have been cooking your spaghetti totally wrong until now.





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