4 Minutes, 28 Days – A New Body!

Planking is a very effective exercise that can get your body in perfect shape. These exercises strengthen the central (core) part of the body. A plank is more effective than sit-ups and will melt fat deposits. Also, it strengthens internal and external muscles of the core and the back. You will strengthen the buttocks muscles, arms and legs.

Planking is in fact remaining in a push-up position. The muscles work in a similar way as when you do push-ups – neither lengthened nor shortened, but more durable and stronger.

The Plank Challenge is designed so it is completed within 4 weeks, gradually increasing the difficulty as time passes by.

Holding the plank position for 20 seconds is the first step. The last step is to achieve non-paused plank position for four minutes. The muscle mass will be emphasized in the final stage and you will be ready for bigger and better challenges.

While doing this exercise, you need to keep the correct position. The upper body needs to be in a perfect straight line once you lift yourself on the elbows and lean on the toes.

In order to control and remain your body in the accurate position, you need to activate the abdominal muscles and take deep breaths. Also, make sure your head and neck are in the extension of the back. Divide the body weight on your elbows and your feet so you can strain the glutes while keeping up balance.

You are ready to complete the 28-day challenge once you learn to maintain the correct plank position.

Day 1: Plank for 20 seconds

Day 2: Plank for 20 seconds

Day 3: Plank for 30 seconds

Day 4:  Plank for 30 seconds

Day 5:  Plank for 40 seconds

Day 6:  REST

Day 7:  Plank for 45 seconds

Day 8:  Plank for 45 seconds

Day 9:  Plank for 60 seconds

Day 10:  Plank for 60 seconds

Day 11:  Plank for 60 seconds

Day 12:  Plank for 90 seconds

Day 13:  REST

Day 14:  Plank for 90 seconds

Day 15:  Plank for 90 seconds

Day 16:  Plank for 120 seconds

Day 17:  Plank for 120 seconds

Day 18:  Plank for 150 seconds

Day 19:  REST

Day 20:  Plank for 150 seconds

Day 21:  Plank for 150 seconds

Day 22:  Plank for 180 seconds

Day 23:  Plank for 180 seconds

Day 24:  Plank for 210 seconds

Day 25:  REST

Day 26:  Plank for 210 seconds

Day 27:  Plank for 240 seconds

Day 28:  Plank for as long as you can

Planks are not easy exercises and you will notice that in the first 20 seconds. People who have struggles doing this 28-day challenge or want to work on specific body parts do different types of challenges. Anyway, the principle is similar. But instead of planking, you need to increase the repetitions of crunches or sit-ups.





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